Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Internally Polluted: Is your body a temple or amusement park?

Chemical Overload May Be Messing With Your Metabolism...

If you are having major issues when trying to release unhealthy flab, there may be a hidden reason why nothing seems to work...

If you are experiencing cravings for sugary, salty foods (comfort foods) especially late at night, this might be a sign that your body has become toxic. It is EASY to become toxic in today’s world. Most of the foods you find at grocery stores and restaurants are full of pesticides, artificial ingredients, and even hormones that DESTROY your metabolism. Add to this the pollutants in the air and certain products you may use every day for hygiene and it is no wonder we are internally polluted. The results of this include brain fog, accelerated metabolic aging (biological aging), bloating, and most disturbing it can make releasing fat almost impossible.

You see,
toxins are stored in your adipose tissues; your body does this to protect you from a lot of negative effects. So even when you run a calorie deficit; your body wisely does not shrink these fat cells (thus releasing these toxins). It makes sense and the science backs it up. No wonder getting a great body is so hard to accomplish!

How to Safely Release Toxins...

My favorite way to detox is to sweat, drink lots of pure water and use the Isagenix® product line.

If you are in a toxic environment, you should be doing this frequently. It also helps to eat organic when possible, and limit processed foods. But even then, it is really hard to hide from these toxins that are everywhere.

Sometimes, you simply need to accelerate the body’s natural ability to cleanse.

Isagenix® works by...
  1. Assisting in the elimination of toxins from the body
  2. Improving liver functioning
  3. Stimulating bile production and the breakdown of dietary fat
  4. Increasing energy and stamina thereby improving digestion and metabolism
  5. Reducing fatigue, listlessness, pain, and headaches caused by toxin build up
 This is what is called a full spectrum approach of extraction, instead of standardized extraction which uses dangerous chemicals.

Did you know???

 Isagenix® is so much more than a means to release weight!
·         Your decision to incorporate nutritional cleansing into your lifestyle will improve your overall health!
·         Did you know that our comprehensive system helps you to increase muscle mass, decrease your fat percentage, and clear your body of impurities? You are flooding your body with super food nutrition, too!
·         Isagenix  boosts both your energy level and your immune defense!

For more info on the Isagenix® product line please schedule a meeting with me.


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